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Enlite sensor alarms many times at night

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I haven't been here for quiet some time but I need some advice. My husband is using the Enlite sensors with the Medtronic 530G pump.
I get home from work at 11:30 PM, His pump is usually already in suspend and has been for an hour or more.
Problem #1 He can't hear the alarm. It is very high pitched. ( I know its really the pump alarming not the sensor. Just thought I'd mention this while I am ranting)

Problem#2 ( the real issue) Ronnie is awakened multiple times a night by this totally inaccurate piece of #&$%#. Yes I know it is not giving a bg but is giving an interstitial fluid sugar reading. The readings may be as much as 50 points off either too high or too low. Last night it read 51 but the BG was 96. The last 2 sensors only worked well for 2 days.
Different alarms given over the last few months: lost sensor, weak signal, calibration error.
Just to remind y'all of our situation. My husband is Type 1, He had a massive brain Hemorrhage in Jan 2013. From the hemorrhage, he has Aphasia ( a communication difficulty affecting speech, reading , writing, and cognition but leaving intellect intact). I manage most of Ronnie's diet and insulin. My son inserts most of the sensors in the belly area. He uses the thighs and upper arms for the infusion sites. Ronnie now weighs 156 and is 5'9" tall. Not much fat anywhere except a little pot belly.
We need do get some sleep and I need these sensors to be some help. I am ready to turn off the sensor and to go back to sleeping with my hand on his chest to feel the change in Ronnie's heart rate when his BG goes low.
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What is his BMI? Weight/height?

I have a Dex and have talked to their reps multiple times. I was told my BMI is low and low weight/fat is an issue. 20% deviation is a norm. But my Dex beeps at 55. I test and I'm 80s. That's more than 20%. Again, "your BMI is low...." That's what Dex reps say.

Annoying. Wakes me at night! Empathy and understanding for your situation.
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