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Excersice Implications with Diabetes

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Hello everyone. I have just signed in to this forum. I'll give small introduction of myself and my history and then I hope you can help me out with a problem I have.
I haver had diabetes for the last 20 years (since I was 4 years old). In the past I didn't pay as much attention to my health (having usually high sugar levels and eating various kinds of food). The main problem I had was my morning reading were alaways high (250's-300's).
Last year I visited a doctor and we managed to balance out my health. I now have a diet I follow, using less insulin (form 98 daily went down to 50), lost weight and feeling much better in general. This diet though uses some food supplement pills (don't know how important this is. I stopped this diet for a period of time and started again a couple of months ago. I lost around 6kg so far and I decided to join a gym.
Now the problem starts here!
Ever since I joined the gym, i check my self more frequently than before in order to avoid any mishaps in the gym. The problem is that before the gym my sugar levels are within the appropriate range but when I leave the gym my sugar level rise! Some numbers are 98 before gym, 270 after. 110 before, 311 after. 82 before, 282 after.So now you can see that the rise is quite high.
I spoke with the trainers there and they have no idea how to tackle this. The doctor has no idea how or why this is happening. If I use more insulin during lunch then it's too much to balance out with the food I eat. I don't eat or drink anything but water before during and after gym and I don't even push myself so hard during the gym.
I have run out of ideas on how to tackle the matter. Everything was great before gym (average of 120-150 daily sugar levels) and after I started excercising the exact opposite happens of what SHOULD happen.
Has anybody had any similar experiences? Heard anything like this before? Know any ways to stop this? I keep surprising my doctor all the time but this was a big hit for him and for me.

Thank you
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Hello guys. I excercise to about a 70% of my abilities. (still new at that). I'll give both oppinions a try and let you know
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