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Congratulations, using no medications is great.

I don't use psyllium husk but I sometimes take a couple of Fenugreek seed capsules if there is no fiber in my meal.


Hello Forum,

I know I'm not a regular poster and you all may not care to know this but I've told EVERYONE I know and still want to share the news some more...

Went to my endo today and he took me OFF metformin. Said I was doing really well and thinks I can tackle this "slow horse" pancreas with diet and exercise alone.

As much as I DREADED the big D when I was first diagnosed, I am now thanking my lucky stars that I caught it when I did (maybe not early enough but early enough to be able to control it on my own).

Who needs carbs, anyway??

Also, I saw a dietician who did recommend the "standard" 45-60g carbs per meal which I took with a grain of salt but she also recommended incorporating more fiber into my diet (which I know is not news to anyone here). Anyway, she suggested trying psyllium husk. So I bought some and have been sprinkling a teaspoon onto my meals (to a max of 2 tbsp a day). And maybe its just my body continually adapting to low carb eating but I have to say... I have re-introduced some fruits back into my diet sprinkled with psyllium husk with no unreasonable spike in my BGs. Has anyone else used psyllium husk??

I'm going to celebrate my great news with a bike ride :D
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