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Eye Floaters

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OMG...these are so annoying. It seems the older I get, the worse they get. There is one floater that likes to swim by in my line of vision.

So far, they are not clustered. I'm not seeing any white streaks of light either, but they are still annoying.

They seem to "disappear" at night, but are pretty bad during the day.

Anyone else battling eye floaters? Are there any remedies that don't include laser surgery?
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When I started noticing them a few months ago (a couple of weeks after my complete eye exam which was fine), I went back to my optometrist. I'd never heard of floaters until then. When I described the crooked piece of black string dancing around, the receptionist (who's 20 years younger than I am) explained what they were & said she has a bunch of them & some people get them & some don't & they're part of aging, there is no treatment for them, you just learn to live with them. Then the lady who fits glasses overheard us & joined the conversation, saying, "I've got a whole bunch of them, too."
A friend of mine who is 82 said she has many of them & her ophthalmologist said there is no treatment for them.
What's odd though is that my night vision has now gotten better than my day vision. The floater doesn't bother me at night like it does during the day.

I read about the supplement Taurine. Some people said it helped lessen their floaters. I'm only dealing with one in particular. My other floaters have never floated in my line of vision like this new one. It's very annoying :sad2:.
From WebMD, it is said that meat and fish are good sources of Taurine.
I may have to start fishing, so I can get some taurine in me. And maybe take a good book with me to.
I see people all over the place, who have stopped along the road, in order to fish. I could kill two birds with one stone: I could fish and pretend to read, at the same time.
BTW: I have a lot of things that annoy me since I got old; it as if life became a plot to exacerbate problems, into near-crises.
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