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Famous People With Diabetes

Sharon Mulry, Thomas Connors And Daniel Trecroci
1 June 2000


-Jack Benny, ’50s television host
-Halle Berry, actress who recently appeared in “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge”
-Wilford Brimley, of television and films, “Cocoon” and “The Firm”
-Delta Burke, of television’s “Designing Women”
-James Cagney, producer, director and actor
-Nell Carter, of the television show “Gimme a Break”
-Dale Evans, actress, singer and wife of Roy Rogers
-Stephen Furst, actor on the television shows “St. Elsewhere” and
“Babylon 5”
-Jackie Gleason, funny star of “The Honeymooners”
-Gordon Jump, actor on “WKRP in Cincinnati”
-Mabel King, actress who played Mama on “What’s Happening”
-Marcello Mastroianni, actor who appeared in 142 films
-Jerry Mathers, actor of “Leave It To Beaver” fame
-Mary Tyler Moore, actress and star of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”
-Richard Mulligan, actor on the television show “Empty Nest”
-Minnie Pearl, entertainer, actress on the variety show “Hee Haw”
-Ehster Rolle, actress on the TV Show “Good Times”
-George C. Scott, Academy Award-winning actor
-Jean Smart, actress on “Designing Women”
-Kate Smith, singer, actress who sang “God Bless America”
-Spencer Tracy, famous leading man of Hollywood movies
-Mae West, actress
-Jane Wyman, actress on “Falcon Crest”

Political Leaders

-Yuri Andropov, former premier of Soviet Union
-Menachem Begin, Israeli prime minister
-Lucille B. Chapman, a five-time Menominee Indian tribal chairwoman
-James Farmer, civil rights pioneer
-Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet premier
-Janet Jagan, president of Guyana
-Fiorello LaGuardia, New York mayor and the airport’s namesake
-Winnie Mandela, South African anti-apartheid leader
-Anwar Sadat, Egyptian leader

Business Leaders

-James Conkling, founder of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
-Bill and John Davidson, heads of Harley Davidson motorcycles
-Tom Foster, former head of Foster Poultry Farms
-W.L. Gherra, of Payless Drugs
-Howard Hughes, industrialist
-Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s fast food restaurants


-Nat Adderley, jazz trumpeter
-Ray Anderson, jazz trombonist
-Hoyt Axton, folksy baritone, songwriter and actor
-Syd Barrett, of the rock group Pink Floyd
-Johnny Cash, legendary country singer, known as “the man in black”
-Carol Channing, Tony Award-winning singer/actress in “Hello Dolly”
-Mark Collie, contemporary country star
-David Crosby, member of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
-Miles Davis, legendary jazz great
-Freddy Fender, actor and country singer
-Ella Fitzgerald, jazz vocalist
-Mick Fleetwood, singer in rock band Fleetwood Mac
-Jerry Garcia, lead singer of The Grateful Dead
-Dizzy Gillespie, jazz trumpeter
-Mahalia Jackson, singer
-Waylon Jennings, country singer
-B.B. King, rhythm and blues star
-Patti LaBelle, pop singer
-Peggy Lee, ’50s songster
-Tommy Lee, of heavy metal band Motley Crue
-Andrew Lloyd Webber, Broadway composer
-Meat Loaf, singer
-Bret Michaels, lead singer of the rock group Poison
-The Pump Girls


-Morris Braunstein, scientist
-Thomas Edison, inventor
-Albert Ellis, psychologist, rational emotive therapy
-Cynthia Ice, developer of Lotus software
-George Minot, first person with diabetes to receive Nobel Prize in medicine
-Lois Jovanovic-Peterson, scientist, endocrinologist, author of “Diabetic Women”


-Arthur Ashe, tennis legend
-Walter Barnes, former Philadelphia Eagle turned actor
-Ayden Byle, runner
-Bobby Clarke, hockey player for the Philadelphia Flyers
-Ty Cobb, baseball player for the Detroit Tigers
-Scott Coleman, first man with diabetes to swim the English Channel
-Buster Douglas, boxer
-Kenny Duckett, football player for the New Orleans Saints
-Chris Dudley, New York Knicks basketball player
-Del Ennis, baseball player
-Curt Frasier, hockey player for the Chicago Black Hawks
-Bill Gullickson, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds
-Gary Hall, Olympic gold medalist in swimming
-Jonathon Hayes, tight end for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs
-Catfish Hunter, pitcher for the Oakland A’s and the New York Yankees
-Jason Johnson, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles
-Billie Jean King, tennis player
-Ed Kranepool, baseball player with the New York Mets
-Kelli Kuehne, LPGA golfer who wears a pump on the golf course
-Jay Leeuwenburg, offensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals
-Calvin Muhammed, football player for the Washington Redskins
-Jackie Robinson, baseball star who broke the color barrier in the Major Leagues
-Sugar Ray Robinson, boxer
-Ron Santo, third basemen for the Chicago Cubs
-Art Shell, NFL player and coach
-Michael Sinclair, defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks
-Bill Talbert, hall of fame tennis player
-Jersey Joe Walcott, boxer
-Wade Wilson, NFL quarterback


-Richard Bartlett, film
-June Bierman, author of books on diabetes
-Fran Carpentier, editor of Parade magazine
-Sylvia Chase, ABC News Reporter
-Ernest Hemingway, 20th century novelist
-Walt Kelly, animator and Disney founder
-Mario Puzo, author of “The Godfather”
-Anne Rice, “Interview With a Vampire” author
-H.G. Wells, writer, “The Invisible Man”

*Many Thanks For This Chart

Chart courtesy of Angela and Rose Goode (FAMOUS DIABETICS AND SOON TO BE FAMOUS DIABETICS  Http://
Updated from June 1999

*Unfortunately, I'm also sure there are more to add
to this list since the last update.
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