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I went to the doctor yesterday as I have been feeling tired lately and have no energy. He prescribed a blood test. Among other tests I noticed he requested a fasting glucose blood test to be done. He told me it's a diabetes test. I went in this morning for my blood test after 12 hours without eating.

I go back for the test results next Thursday. If something is found in the results, will I get a call or will they just wait until my appointment?

I'm a bit confused as to why he made me get this particular test done. Do you think this is just routine or does he suspect I may have diabetes? I am 21, female, weigh 49 kg, am not pregnant and there is no family history of diabetes on either side of my family.

Does anyone have a similar story they'd like to share?

Hello and welcome to the forum! Maybe your doctor is just covering his bases and perhaps he just wants to be sure to rule out diabetes. If you have something wrong and it is mild, you will probably get your results when you have your appointment. Call his office and ask why he is running this test.
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