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Using cooked green bananas in lieu of potatoes has worked well for this old Irish potato-salad-loving diabetic! And I was SO picky about my potato salad prior to diagnosis! :rolleyes:

You must get bananas that are deep dark green in color (no yellow showing at all) and so hard and unripe that the peels won't "peel", but must be scored and taken off with a paring knife. Once you get the peel off, toss bananas with lemon juice to prevent browning, & cook the bananas in coconut oil - I use an iron skillet with a lid, so they sorta fry & sorta steam until tender (cooking in the microwave works well too). Then I store them in the refrigerator until I need them in recipes. (I so wish I could find them more often than I do . . . :()

For potato salad, I just followed my old recipe & left out the potatoes.

2 cups diced cooked green bananas
2 hard-cooked eggs, chopped
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/4 cup diced fresh onion
2 tbsp. sweet relish or dill relish
1 cup full fat mayonnaise
2 tbsp. prepared mustard
salt to taste
fresh ground black pepper to taste
optional: a generous sprinkling of celery seed

Combine first four ingredients and toss together gently.
Combine remaining ingredients to make the dressing & add it to the mixture, again gently tossing until coated (if dressing is too thick, thin it with a little heavy cream).

Chill before serving.

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Shanny - I thought bananas were on the "no-no" list for us diabetics? I'll have to try your recipe and see how it impacts my levels. Hit 84 mg/dl tonight before my dose of Metformin!
That is tremendous, ******! You've really been kicking it the last few weeks!

But yes, ripe bananas are indeed a poor choice for most diabetics. These are green UNRIPE bananas - so unripe and dark green that they have to be peeled with a paring knife. And unripe bananas consist of resistant starch . . . dietary fiber which "resists" being digested in the small intestine, and therefore is not absorbed to elevate our blood sugar like most carbohydrates. It is still one of those "test, test, test" things, so try it & test like crazy to be sure you aren't getting a spike anywhere down the line.
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