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Past few weeks my levels been up above the 110 before meals am type 2 and i take metformin 1000mg 2x a day and levemir at night. my BS have been 123-211 range the only change is what my DR was she up the levemir to 40 units at night and ( sorry for spellling) Risderidol for my bio-polar disorder to 2x a day 1 pill in morning 2 at night. and placed me on lisperwell for my CHF my sugars were up all ready before the changes. she wanted me to keep the BS between 93-110 area am not sure if i should be concerned and let her know that they are still up or see if the levemir well take care of it i been doing 40 units for about 2 week now i always test before meals and two hours after and the 2 hour one is always above 140 range
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