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Feeling frustrated and angry!!!!

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sorry guys need a moan cuz i'm feeling so crap right now. for people who havent read my previous threads i have been diabetic for 21 yrs and also had clean symptoms of low blood sugars. i've recently been ill and had a couple of fits from severe low bm's. I have since these episodes lost my symptoms of low blood sugars, which scares the hell out of me cuz they have been so strong til now. professionals say to run my levels a bit high to help my body regain my sensitivty to low bm's but their so eratic i cant get head nor tail of it. eg. tues they started on the lower side and gradually crept up for no reason then when i went drive my bm was 11 and a hr later it had dropped to 3.4!!!??? my counsultant says i am safe to drive at present but i'm so scared atm not having symptoms.

since going bk to work on tues in my community nursing job, occupational health want me to do joint visits with my team to reduce risk to myself and my patients, which i totally understand and agree with but i hate the fact it is controlling my life so much at the mo. trying so hard to keep positive but i'm struggling. my mum is understandably concerned so i'm trying to keep it together. at work i feel like i'm being babysat!!!

i hate feeling weak and nt being able to cope!!!

sorry for the wingeing but i hope u guys can understand

thank u

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