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Feet & legs

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Hi all

I was diagnosed type 2 a few months back now, Only went to the doctors because my left leg and foot was going numb, Seen my dietician the other week and she told me my numbness in my leg and foot (which has now gone to my other leg and foot) will get back to normal when my sugar levels come down.

Is this true? My legs seem more numb than ever !!

The only reason i ask is my liver consultant told me that this isn't true? and has booked me to see a specialist in my local hospital.

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No - you must quit smoking. Smoking can cause neuropathy all by itself. Sorry, been there, done that. The diabetes only agrivated the neuropathy until I quit and got my diabetes under control. I have also found that my sodium intake needed to be lowered drastically because of edema. These three things together did a lot of good for me.

There are days now that I don't even notice the neuropathy, but I still take my gabapentin, just a lower dose. See a Neurologist for an accurate diagnosis and follow his/her instructions.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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