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About ten days ago, my tooth began to hurt beyond the ability of Sensodyne to provide daily relief. Lucky for me I only had another four days before I saw my dentist, so Orajel, my morphine Rx (for neuropathy, and Extra Strength Tylenol became my best friends. By last Tuesday, I was in serious trouble, and my dentist agreed. However, instead of pulling the tooth, she referred me to the Oral Surgeon. The Xray showed that the roots of my tooth were dug down deep into the jaw bone, and as with most of the teeth I've had pulled over the past thirty months, roots would more than likely break off upon extraction, and need to be dug out.

The surgeon couldn't see me until the next Thursday, leaving me to try to cope for another nine days on Orajel, morphine and ES Tylenol. I figured I could do it, but when I went to bed last Tuesday night, it was not thinking about waking up with a full blown infection of the tooth.

About half way through the night, I was awakened with the need to let my Yorkie outside to do whatever he does, but as I stood up, I started to shake from chills, and found that every bone in my body felt like it was under assault from the most god awful pain I can remember ever having.

Like most of us, men especially, when we get sick, we always think it's the worst that we've ever been, so this time was no different, except that I did feel like dying would have been a relief.

Just walking back from the kitchen area, where the Yorkie exits and enters the house for his backyard romps and potty break, every bone and joint in my body were screaming out in agony. On top of this, I was extremely weak, and being overcome with chills like I have never before experienced. Once back in bed and under the covers, the chills let up, and I grabbed for my thermometer to see if I might have a fever.

With hands shaking from weakness and pain, I struggled to get the thermometer out of its case, and with my left hand, I guided the right hand and the thermometer into, and under my tongue. Within seconds, it was beeping, and I took a look at it to find my temperature was well over 102 degrees.

I called the surgeon and asked if he could write me a Rx for what I felt was an infection, and though he was willing, he told his receptionist, I needed to come in and let him check the tooth. Of course, the way I felt at that moment, the only thing I wanted to do was return to a warm bed, and sleep.

Driving thirty miles to the surgeon was a major task. Just getting dressed hurt like it never hurt before! However, with the loving assistance of my wife, and her belief that he'd pull the tooth once he saw it, motivated me to get there. Once he looked at the swollen gums, cheek and how much pain I was in, he told his tech to prep a room for me, as he was going to take the tooth that day.

Well, the rest was easy. He numbed me up, pulled the tooth, confirmed the infection with the huge amount of pus that came of of the area that once occupied that place in the gum for over 60 years.

Well, I'm still recuperating, as a snails pace which is true for most diabetics. There's still some infection, fever, and general malaise, but I am not where I was last Tuesday night; and I'm not where I had hoped I'd be, but all things considered, I'm blessed.

What I wanted to say is that I know all too well that diabetics are more prone to fibromyalgia than more, and if you've ever experienced a full out fibromyalgia storm, you can appreciate the pain and suffering I've been through for almost a week now. :eek:

Like I said in the title of this post: fibromyalgia and diabetics are not a good combination. In fact Dare I say, the two together are a lethal combination when they both raise their ugly little heads at the same time! Of course, as a side bar to this event, BS control, has been next to impossible, but, it wasn't as bad as other times of illness have been. At least I've learned the art of taking care of my diabetes while ill!

I guess all we can do is grin and bear it, because it is a fact of life.


Pastor Paul
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