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Figuring correction factors

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I'm on Levimir and Humulog insulins. I'm doing carb ratio and have no problem with that. However my doc suggested that if the blood sugar is high or low, to adjust the dosage slightly at mealtimes accordingly. I'm not a fan of guessing and found a nice iphone app that will do it for me. But you have to put in a correction factor. I've been playing around with that number but wondered if there was actually a scientific calculation at arriving with a proper correction factor.
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Every body is different so every person has different correction factor. Mine would probably Kill you, I get a (% pt drop for each 1 IU of Apidra I aint saying my dose could kill you)

you need to test to see what yours is, in fact your insulin sensitivity changes during the day so what works in the AM might be too much in the evening.
No you need to find the what your 1500 or 1800 number is

I figured mine by eating 20 carbs measuring my BG every 20 minutes, my BG went up by 40 pts

I know 8 IU of Apidra before I eat keeps my BG level so I get 5 pt drop per IU of apidra.

might not be the correct way to find it but it works for me.
The calculation is used by my local care team, but it relies on you already taking the correct number of units...

I'd be tempted to use caution and use your lowest recent total units for a day.
That way 1 unit will show as reducing it by more.

If your basal was perfect and kept your level exactly the same when fasting then presumably you could just take 1 unit when fasting and see what happens?
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