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Got my results back for a Home HbA1c testing kit from Droplet Health and it was 9.3%. The test only cost $25.

I was a bit surprised that it was in single digits as I expected it to be more like a 12 or 13%. I will probably have a new one done when I visited my doctor on Jan 2nd 2018 when I have my newly acquired health insurance on January 1 as I have been without it since Jan 1 2017.

This will be my first doctor's visit in over a year and a half. Before I lost my insurance the deductibles had become overwhelming and I just stopped seeing him. Good thing about all of this is that it made me buy my own testing kit and pay earnest money for testing strips, lancets and such, thus forcing me to take ownership of this process.

I now have an A1c starting point. Seems strange to be so excited about a reading that says I have been basically killing myself slowly.
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