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finally was able to get my lab results from the hospital, not good,

BUN 24
creatinine .72
bc ratio 33.3
sodium 134
potassium 4.6
chloride 96
eco2 26
anion gap 17
calcium 9.6
alkaline phosphatase 85
sgot/ast 29
sgpt/alt 94
albumin 4.4
protein 8
globulin 3.6
a/g ratio 1.22
biliruben 1.200
asmolality 296
cholesterol 208
triclycerides 204
hdl 38
ldl 131
vldl 40.80
gfr 132
A1c 10.1
micro albumin 1136
cpeptide .2

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I think you already know where I would go.

High triglycerides and low HDL are a sure signs of over-consumption of carbohydrates. To the extent you can reduce the portion of carbs and increase the portion of fats those and most of the other numbers should improve.

Doctors who use LC/HF to treat their patients say that falling tryglycerides and rising HDL is so reliable as an indicator of this WOE that they can use it to detect when their patients are "cheating" in order to correct it.

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These numbers are from october, before I changed my diet also I am calling my endo tomorrow with my weekly numbers and am going to confirm with him about me starting a pump so I can call my supply company and get the ball rolling. I have another appointment in january so I should start it then. I have chosen to go with the mm revel system

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Make sure you do plenty of basal testing to get the levels right. Pumps are harder work than people think they are but when adjusted properly they work like nothing else can or will. Good luck and keep us posted.

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