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Ive been trying for a year to get my out of control #s back in control

Last June a really freaked out when the dr said I was borderline diabetes!!!!

He said with weight lose and watching what I ate I could possible get my #s back in control-so for the last year that was my mission

my#s werent terrible just barely over the "normal range"

6-09 fasting 137 2 hr 138 a1c 7.1

8-09 fasting 122 2 hr 133

10-09 fasting 102 2 hr 104 a1c 5.9

1-10 fasting 106 2 hr 104 a1c 6.2

7-10 fasting 103 2 hr 105 a1c 5.9

and 50 pounds lighter!!!!! it wasnt easy but I did it!!

the dr was so pleased--he said I wasnt even considered borderline anymore--he said that I did away with 2 risks factors!!

I know some of you say that theres no such thing a borderline diabetes--either you have it or you dont but I know my dr wouldnt steer me wrong

I felt so good I could have kissed him!!!!

he said I still should watch what I eat but now as compulvise as I was

I want to thank everyone here for all the great advice and tips I got from this site in the short time since I found you!!!

thanks again
take care

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Way to go Penney! It is always good to hear good news. :whoo:

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Thats great news.
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