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Hi everybody.

I have to let you know, I’m so excited. :D Finally my book is translated into English, released and available on . I’ve mentioned the book before, I wrote it in my native language Danish, and have sold quite a few copies, most to the Danish Insulin producer Novo. They have given the book to their employees, to help them understand their customers even better.

The book is about my own experience, and senior people at Novo have described it as “deeply personal”, “fun to read” and “moving”. And it’s quite different than any other book on the topic, dealing with the feelings, the psychology and the motivation of how you and I have to live our lives, playing the cards we’ve been dealt. It also has lots of good advice on how to stay well regulated.

If any of you read it someday, I’d be very interested in hearing your view.

Diabetes, a Patient's Story: How to Live a Happy and Healthy Life with Diabetes: Adam Abach: Englische Bücher

FYI, here is a paste of back cover:
This book describes the life of a diabetic over the cause of 17 years. It describes how his disease was discovered, and it deals with the thoughts and feelings that come from being diagnosed with a chronic disease. The reactions of the people surrounding the patient are described, and the new diabetic lifestyle, which involves a continuous balancing act of food, insulin and exercise, is described with empathy and humor.

The author has many tips for diabetics, including selecting the proper type of insulin to use, different blood sugar measuring devices, and the use of food and exercise to help control the disease. There’s a chapter showing how a diabetic easily can lose weight. He urges all diabetics to take responsibility for their disease, and tells you how to do that.

This book is also useful reading for people that are not diabetics, especially if they have a diabetic colleague, friend or family member. It describes how the diabetic can feel, and what close friends and family should know and do, and especially what they shouldn’t do in their efforts to support the patient.
”The book contains great practical advice and sound suggestions about living with a chronic disease like diabetes”.
Birger Thorsteinsson, professor, DMSc, consultant and diabetologist

Thanks :D

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Congrats on the book - and the translation!
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