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Restaurants are geared towards making money, not providing nutritious meals. When eating out, the average American, has very little interest in eating kale and romaine lettuce. You are well above the norm for what most people consider to be 'healthy' in a salad.

How do I cope? Honestly, I start with a plain meat -usually chicken- or fish, and then ask for two servings of the vegetable of the day. I always cringe when I hear it's the heat and eat mixed blend of carrots, broccoli and green beans or whatever. That has no nutritional value. I also get a side salad, and make sure I eat the entire thing. I am not a fan of iceberg lettuce either, but it keeps me away from the foods with absolutely nothing to offer but high glycemic empty calories. i.e the bread basket.

The other thing to do is to eat as much as normal and as possible at home, and then eat as little necessary at the restaurant. It's really challenging to find healthy meals when eating out and without paying an arm and leg. I put my health ahead of cost in these situations and don't let the perceived value of price of the buffet line get in the way of what my body really needs.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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