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I eat out quite a bit--almost every day, for lunch. I can run downstairs to the sandwich takeout place, buy an Italian hero, and discard the bread (the way they make them, it's like eating a mortadella taco). I can go to any number of places and have grilled chicken or fish on top of a salad (and the places around here all seem to use romaine or baby mixed greens), or a steak salad. I can order a burger without a bun, with a side salad. I always ask for plain olive oil dressing, and for no croutons. Lots of places have Cobb salads. One of my favorite lunch places serves omelettes all day; I usually have an avocado and Canadian bacon omelette, and have them substitute fresh tomato slices for the fried potatoes and fruit salad that usually come with it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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