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fluctuating glucose level mystery

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My mom has type two diabetes and she manages it very well. she has a balanced, healthy diet and makes sure she checks her blood sugar level and takes the proper amount of insulin at the proper times. Recently she has been taking novolog 70/30 25 units/am and 10 units/pm and lantus 5 units/pm. her blood sugar level has been wildly fluctuating recently and this is very unusual. she's scared to go out because of the wild fluctuating. what could be causing this all of a sudden?
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Sorry to hear that about your Mom. Diabetes itself is a mystery. So many things affect a Person with Diabetes.

Mixed Insulins do tend to cause fluctuations in blood sugars because of the different peaks. Stress and illness can easily affect a Diabetics sugar levels while on any Insulin. Eating immediately after injecting Novalog 70/30 and checking sugars often, is important.

She should phone or visit her Doctor to inform him/her of her current blood sugar fluctuations.
contact your dr.

do you have other factors that could influence blood glucose such as steroids (prednisone and such), exercise, illness or stress?
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