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food ideas????

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what does anyone think is a 'healthy' way to deal with a 'low'? when my daughter gets a low she craves salt and carbs. this is her regime for a 'low'.
small glass lucozade. 2 slices of toast with butter and a sprinkle of salt, and a 2 finger kit-kat,& finishes with a small glass orange juice. no insulin.
what do the rest of you eat? :cool: :cool: :cool:
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Hello Pink....Welcome Here! :)

Since everyone experiences lows, this is a Good question...I'm sure
there would be a lot of agreeing to differ with that one. The way I
figure it, whatever keeps you from falling to the floor and going into
possible seizure....Is Healthy! ;)
They can fix the possible high when their in the safe zone.

I think everything has been tried by most, more than once. Some
People even say that they sit on the floor as they eat everything in
the fridge or cupboard(they may be exaggerating a bit there). I will
presume when they do that, they are either dropping fast or are Very
low. Others go to the cupboard then to the fridge, back to the
cupboard, etc. because their sugar is so low that their brain isn't send-
ing them the proper information. They know they need food to get
their sugar up but they don't know what kind of food.

For me, it depends how low I am and/or what mood the low has put
me in. Normally, if a low hits me at home, I have a glass of juice or
low-fat milk(more stablizing), if that gets me up then I have some
cheese or meat with crackers, or the milk or juice with a tablespoon
of jam, or a sandwich with the juice or milk.etc.,
If I am in bed, I'll have the juice and 2 mini chocolate bars which I
keep on my night stand and in my purse while away from home. I
have a fast metabolism so it works Well. My brain knows the sugar
is coming so it stops stressing. :rolleyes:
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