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Food Test Strips

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Does anyone know the name of those test strips that you can stick into food or drink and get a sugar reading? I know I've read about them and I think they are actually used to test somethng else -- maybe urine -- but they can also be used to test food. Good for testing when you are in a restaurant. Thanks.
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Thank you for your response. I'll give that a try.

I actually looked in one of my books and found that you can also use those urine test strips to test for mystery sugar in food. The brand I bought was Diastix. They turn color according to the amount of glucose in the food or drink. I can't swear to the accuracy, but I think they can give you a fair idea.
One caveat in using these strips: Accordng to Dr. Bernstein (Diabetes Solutions), the proper method is to put a little of the food or beverage in your mouth, swish it around with your saliva, then spit it onto the strip. Apparently, there is an essential enzyme in saliva that combines with the food to bring out the glucose so that the reading accurately reflects the presence of sugar.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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