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hello all,i don`t know if these will work same on you as they do on me.
Cinnamon,i have to be careful with this,taking quarter of a teaspoon regularly gave me such a low number i nearly passed out[very worrying].It seemed to sneak my number down,and i had to stop taking it,because i was worried it might send me hypo while i was asleep.
Celeriac.adding quarter of a bulb to my veg/meat mixture also sent my number i just dice a 1 cm slice and add it to my mixture.
Bread.bread is really annoying me.1 slice of healthy brown stuff sent my reading up to 12,luckily it came down to normal an hour later with exercise.Some bread doesn`t send my number up at all.
Chips[french fries].A normal portion of home made chips sends my reading up 1 point,returns to normal after an hour.Some oven fries bought from the supermarket sent my reading up to 11.Exercise was needed to bring the number to normal.I examined the supermarket fries and the only thing i could see unatural about them was they had some browny orangy colured stuff sprayed on them.The packet said potatoes with sunflower oil.
Chocolate.I wont advertise,the best stuff also expensive,doesnt affect my reading at all even scoffing a 100grm bar.Just 2 squares of the cheap stuff[about 20 gram] sent my reading up to 11.Exercise was needed to get the number down.
Crispy breadcrumbs[like those on fishfingers]whatever they are adding to these should be banned in my opinion.I thought i had killed my pancreas after eating half a dozen fishfingers.My reading went to 15 and it took me 2 days to get down to normal with exercise/drinking loads of water/and starving myself.
Hope this helps/informs some,i can add more to this post if it is of interest to anyone.Are there other folks who test foods with their meter on this site so i can compare stuff.
I keep my reading normal by eating only stuff that nature intended,and some exercise,plus the odd treat[choccy].I would love to name and shame the chemicals that are being added to our food,by uncareing greedy for profit people.Also i am suspicious that the people who pass these substances as fit for human consumption are being persuaded somehow.But i will be satisfied by just being able to identify these substances that are causing me concern for my health.
bye for now,

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I've only tried the cinnamon from the supermarket for about 2
months. The amount was 2 teaspoons a day on cereal, apples,
toast, etc. I tried it in drinks but it wouldn't mix properly.

I didn't see any noticeable differences in my blood sugar tests.
I was then told that it may only work on some Type 2's, depending
on their systems.

I agree. I don't think those crumb coatings for meats and
vegetables are good for anyone.

Some common foods that raise my sugar levels a fair amount
are oranges/tangerines/clementines, cherries, ripe bananas,
dried fruits, prunes, dates, pasta/sauce, chinese food(a lot),
cream soups, corn, Miracle Whip, creamy salad dressings, etc.

I still do eat these foods weekly but I only eat small amounts
to get the various minerals and vitamins and I take the correct
amount of Insulin to cover them. Chinese food, is hard to get
the correct dose since they don't seem to want to tell you the
amount of carbs in the different foods. Plus I imagine the
amounts differ from week to week. That we only usually have
once a month.

Sorry, I got talking about your other subjects,,,,,,but you
seriously need to start taking Insulin if you are a Type 1 or
oral meds., if you are a Type 2. Those numbers are too high.
You could be even higher sometimes but don't realize it since
you probably don't test often enough.

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Meter tests

hello terrie,since i had the meter,i have been experimenting to find out what foods do to my system.I test myself approx 6 to 8 times a day before and after food,also before and after exercise.I plan to cut down with the testing as i have found the culprits.My readings today have all been approx 5.5.
I do not mean to offend,but i will say the same to you,as i do my doctor,"if my readings are normal all the time,why do i need insulin?".
My intake today was breakfast[mixed veg soup],lunch[large cheese salad],dinner[pork chops/mixed veg/chips].Either i have been misdiagnosed,or my strict monitoring is working.For me diabetes is a bad reaction to certain foodstuffs.If i cut them out of my diet alltogether,i am healthy.

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Testing 8 times a day is appropriate since you are a Newbie to
Diabetes checking out what foods bother your blood sugar levels.
I am not a Newbie but I usually still test 7-9 times a day.

You need Insulin because you said that you are a Type 1(in honeymoon
phase or not)unless you have been rediagnosed again.

curedit said:
For me diabetes is a bad reaction to certain foodstuffs.
If i cut them out of my diet alltogether,i am healthy.
Hmmm, interesting way of putting it and in a way true. But that is
because you are lacking proper usage of or proper amounts of Insulin
in your system. Otherwise, you could eat all foods without your sugars

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"Otherwise, you could eat all foods without your sugars
That's very true.It is possible to control blood sugar numbers with a very
low carbohydrate diet and exercise if the pancreas is making insulin.Some
people prefer to eat a more varied diet and take meds or insulin.

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I would have to try Cinnamon and see how it affects me. Cinnamon on toast seems to be nice. :)
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