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hi there, i came in a few months and gave the hf diet a go, i lost a bit of weight quickly but felt flat after that and miserable and couldnt keep to it but at at that time i also went on the new drug forxiga. some of u guys warned me about it as it was new and not fully known the side effects. thanks for that. but i wanted to post and let u know ive stayed on it combined with my metformin xr. the only side effect i need to go to the loo(wee) a bit more but not annoyingly. i have lost 17 kilos in about 18 months. my sugars are absolutely fine now, compared to a 3 monthly of 9.2. in the past i have tried byetta, januvia, insulin, metformin etc and they all had pros and cons.

this drug does not work on increasing insulin or insulin how it works, it purely dumps the calories out your urine and its working great.

i just wanted to let people know about this drug, i am not on a diet but not trying to pig out either, just eating normally and watching the amount of carbs.

my doc says the other people he has on it take it in the morning and they have to get up through the night for the toilet.i take it before i go to bed and dont have that issue.

thought i would share.

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