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Here in the north east we have had a heat wave (in the 90's).
Recently I noticed my low glucose alarm was going off quite often, almost exclusively when I was driving in my hot car.
I thought that was odd, so I paid more attention to my freestyle libre readings before jumped into my hot car.

I found no information about this problem on the internet.

Here was what I documented:
2:28 :Before I hopped in my car, my glucose read 130 mg/dl and going up
12 minutes later driving in my hot car my glucose read 85 mg/dl and was going down.
That was a drop of 45 mg/dl in 12 minutes
Another time:
2:04: before I hopped in my car, my glucose was 114 mg/dl
7 minutes later in my hot car my glucose read car 74 mg/dl
That was a drop of 40 mg/dl in 12 minutes

Unfortunately I did not have my blood glucose meter on me to accurately check my sugars.

My sugar went down a crazy significant amount every time I was driving in my hot car (waiting for my A/C to kick in).

I believe this is a flaw of the Freestyle Libre and was wondering if anyone else happen to notice the same issues?
My Libre 2 generally tracks well with my Freestyle Light readings, but I occasionally get low alerts (reading 50- 60) in the middle of the night. When I check my Freestyle Light meter, the reading is always above 100. Curiously, I've been turning my phone (Android) off at night so the bogus alerts don't wake me up at 3 AM, but when I turn the phone back on in the morning and open the Libre app it shows reading values taken during the nigh, including some below 50 which are obviously bogus. How the app can collect data when the phone is turned off is beyond me.
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