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Frequent colds and flus?

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Hi everyone!

I am new here and just wanted to know if frequent colds and flus are a bi-product of Diabetes? I seem to remember reading it somewhere a long time ago, but have not found any recent info to support it.

I just feel like I get more viruses than the average bear, for sure something every 2 nd month.

Could this be or is there something else at play here?

Thanks everyone!

BAH! SICK AGAIN! I suspected I was getting sick when writting this post - and sure enough!!!! Does anyone else have this frustration? I just had a flu that knocked me out at Christmas and now I have a wicked cold......grrrrrrrr......
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i dont know if they are directly related however i would agree that i am ill with a cold or flu more frequently than my friends who are not diabetic. however it may just be a coincidence
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