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I am writing because I am a frustrated, worried mom.

My daughter is 18 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost 4 years ago (Feb 11, 2007).

At first things were going pretty well. She did so well she progressed to the insulin pump. She is pumping with a Medtronics Mini Med.

She adapted well to that and now within the last 6-9 months she has gone crazy. She has a ALOT of anxiety and social issues (not related to her diagnosis). She is in counseling for this which did get worse due to diabetes.

It is not unusual for her to have blood sugars in the 400-500-600 ranges several times in a week.

She has started smoking (not the end of the world but certainly not a good thing) and her A1C continues to go up.

In July it was 9; November 10 and probably now it is much higher. Her Dr. has talked to her about the risks of not managing, her counselor, and of course all of her family.

She has recently met with her Diabetes Educator who suggested I quit being on her case. She was supposed to give me a cable so that we could download her BGs twice weekly. I'm not supposed to ask but to look at charts, figures, etc. I'm supposed to let the educator be the "bad guy."

Her counselor is well aware of her high blood sugars and very frustrated. Luckily she isn't having any problems as a result--no ketones. Of course, she doesn't feel well--her daily complaint is that she aches, feels nauseous, and miserable all over. Yet, she doesn't do anything to feel good.

I've suggested that she is depressed and could possibly need medication. She said "I'm not taking medicine and you can't make me."

In case you haven't figured out, she is very inmature--she has always lagged about 2 to 2-1/2 years behind in maturity so if that's true, then we're dealing with a 15-1/2 or 16-yr old mentality.

She is a Sr. in High School. This should be the best year of her life and so far it's been horrible.

Anyway, any suggestions from parents or from Type 1 diabetics. Do I just let her get so sick she goes in the hospital? (who pays that bill?--me!).

I can't imagine being her either--I know it sucks but it isn't the end of the world either. She can do anything she wants and not let this be a death sentence. She has a friend who is Type 1 (who doesn't take great care of herself either) and we have a family member who is type 1 who is more than willing to be there for her (but she won't reach out). We have a lot of support and are fortunate for all we have. We have good insurance and I feel like I try to be a supportive, caring, and understanding mom....HELP!
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