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My girl friend is T1 and is having Gall Bladder surgery this Friday. She has quite a large stone in her gall bladder so she needs the gall badder removed.

I was just curious if T1 diabetic will need to do anything special during the recovery period. Checking levels more often? Change in bolus amount?

Thanks for any info! :D
Hi Mike! I had my gallbladder removed last September and it was done laproscopic. Just a few small incisions. It was supposed to be same day surgery and I should have been able to go home after surgery, but I wasn't handling the pain well so I stayed overnight. I was not very hungry or thirsty after the surgery and was given a soft diet for a few meals. I needed less insulin because I wasn't eating that well. I am T2 so I just decreased my insulin accordingly. Within a few days, I was back to eating regular food and the recovery period was short. I hope that everything goes well for your friend and I wish her a speedy recovery.
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