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First of all, before I knew that GCM devices really existed, I really dreamed of this. I want to know my up to the minute report on my blood sugar cause most of the time, I get really stressed with my sugar and started checking mine every 10 mins or so.

Then I read Richard's signature here and googled "Dexcom CGM." It pointed me to the "7 days GCM" or something, I forgot the name.

I was really astonished by this. I thought this was an very new type of technology for diabetes but it turns out that it has been around for quite some time now (made me feel guilty since i kinda know about the latest gadgets regarding phones and laptops).

I wanted to buy this. Really. I searched on a bit and found out that you can't just buy it in a store. There's some papers that need to be done and approved. Also, I think there's no direct 'seller' of this in my country (Philippines).

I looked up on how much that is and it's a whopping $1400 (not sure though) and believe me, that's a lot of cash here in the Philippines.

So my questions are:

1. How can I get one of those?
2. How much is the maintaining fee for that equipment. You know, the disposable sensors and stuff.
3. What is the most cheapest and effective GCM I can buy?

Additional info: I'm still a student so I'm kinda looking for ways to make it easier when I tell my parents about this. And I hope they're gonna favor me. :)
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