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Hey all.
I'm obviously new to the forum, and I'm also new to diabetes. However..I don't have diabetes. I have been with my partner who is a diabetic for the past 3 months, and I figure it's best to learn what I can about diabetes.

I know a little bit, but am still learning so much more every day. I did my first complete change on his insulin pump today, minus the inserting needle into him part (I'm a complete sook with any sort of needle). Definately something good to learn in case I ever need to do a change in an emergency, or at any time he is unable to do it himself.

So you will probably see me lurking around the forum, just trying to soak up as much info as I can :)
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Hello, welcome! I'm sure your partner is very grateful you want to help. I am amazed that you are learning how to work with his pump.

I have used a pump for three years and there are several others here who are also pumping insulin. You should be able to get answers to your questions here. The pump is a wonderful invention, and has given me the best control I have ever had.

Welcome. As a single diabetic I can tell you that an interest in my condition and certain amount of care and concern from my mate will be nice. I'm sure they appreciate your initiative.
Tell us all you can about your partner. Ask any questions you want. We look forward to having you around.
Welcome aboard, Wolven. Thank you for joining us, and if your partner ever wants to sign on too, bring him around! :D

G'day & Welcome

G'day mate, You are a good person to show an interest in our disease as it can be confusing to understand like we can have some sugar but not too much. exercise can help too.

Welcome to DF!! :D
Thanks for the welcome guys :) It's certainly a steep learning curve! Pretty sure I've got some of the basics of the condition downpat..mind you, I ask my fellow so many questions every day, just to try and understand it's topic was diabetes and organ donation :p

A bit of background on my fellow for you;
He was diagnosed at age 13 (is now 20) with type 1 diabetes. He started off with insulin injections, but after 2.5 years he moved onto the pump, which he much prefers. He is generally pretty good with his diet, though probably needs to exercise more (don't we all though?). He's had a couple of severe hypers in the last few months, one of which I was present for and was quite scary..his ketone levels sitting just over 7, and blood sugar at about 24. He seems to often wake up in the morning or middle of the night with mild hypo's..not sure if anything can help that or not..

I guess that's all I can think of at the moment..
With proper insulin:carb ratios, correct insulin sensitivities, and basal rates in his pump, he should not be having hypos or hypers. He needs to get help with this and change the programming in his pump to eliminate these problems. A CDE (certified Diabetes educator) with expertise in pump training and diabetes control, should be able to help. Good luck during the months ahead.

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