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Hi there, Im new here. I have a question realting to BSL levels over the 2 hours post food.

I have GD and had it in my last pregnany too. Im not sure if I had diabeties between because I was advised I didnt need to follow up as it would disappear. I now know this was bad advice.

Im currently carb loading for a GTT on Tuesday... I started today. Ive been eating large carb meals 50 - 100g per meal for the last 3 meals and taking my levels at 30 mintues, 60 minutes, 90 minute and 2 hours.

I have noticed my levels shoot up at 30 minnutes, have fallen rapidly at a hour and then slowly creep up again at the 90minutes and 2 hours.

FOr example I had 100g at dinner (the GTT has 150g so I was told to push my carb loading cause I haev been eating strictly LOW GI for the last 5 months) These were my numbers:

5.5 before food, 9.5 30 minutes, 5.9 1 hour, 7.5 90 minutes and 9.0 at 2 hours... How can this be? It seems they shoot WAY up, fall rapidly and then are creeping up again so they are just as high 2 hours as at 30 minutes. Is this normal?

It seems I have a massive spike, then a huge insulin dump and then nothing and it creeps back up. I dont have an endo appointment for another few weeks, so Im wondering if anyone here can shed some light for me?

Thanks in advance
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