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Getting conflicting info. from professionals

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My husband was diagnosed with diabetes-2 a week and a half ago. His A1c was 6.7. He won't be going to the doctor for the first time until April 20th. I assume they will give him the finger-prick equipment then, so in the meantime we have no idea what his blood sugar level is. He won't touch a computer, so here I am, and have some questions.

Our nurse told him to eat around 30g carbs per day, our doctor told him 300g, the dietician said you go by 'carb calories', which one calorie is about 15 carbs. He can't remember how many carb calories she said he should have, but he knows it was over 100g carbs per day. I looked on the web, the general consensus seems to be that diabetics should have between 20 and 60g carbs per day.

With all this conflicting information, it is difficult to know what to do. I am wondering if there are 2 schools of thought on this, one believing diabetics should eat very low carb and others believing higher carbs are fine. So how many carbs is a diabetic actually supposed to have per day?

DH doesn't cook, either... so far I have been keeping him around 30 net carbs per day. It is not difficult to do and it doesn't seem to bother him at all. And like everyone who starts out with diabetes, we want to try and beat it with diet and exercise. Two of my other questions are, if a person doesn't get enough carbs, will it cause them to get sick or to feel weak?

Any input is very welcome.
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Hello Raindance. You're right - there ARE several schools of thought. The biggest difference is that a low-carb way of eating actually keeps blood sugar from rising to begin with, so there's no need to struggle bringing it back down. The other main method requires ever increasing meds to stay ahead of the rising levels created by including all the grains/fruit/etc., promoted by official diabetes organizations & carried forward by the minions of docs/dietitians/diabetes educators who are still taught these unrealistic carb ideas. Nevermind that their patients come back time after time unable to lower their numbers; in their professional zeal to defend their book-learning, they label those patients as being non-compliant even when they aren't, and in essence label them liars too - which they assuredly aren't.

If we don't want high blood sugar, why would we eat food that raises it, when that requires more expensive meds to control it? Carbs are not necessary to human health & well-being. High fiber IS good for us, so high-fiber vegetables make good choices for diabetics, and keeps us well-regulated. The high fiber content is a good counterweight to the carb content, and blood sugar levels aren't normally affected much. Including fats in the equation also keeps the carbs from spiking us so much.

Until your husband gets a meter, my advice is to keep him on the low carbs like you are, especially since he doesn't seem to MIND! ;) My own carb limit is about 50g per day & I don't feel deprived. His 6.7 A1c converts to an average blood sugar of 137, so you're catching this early. It seems to me that you're on the right track and just have to stick to your guns.

Thank you for joining us & do visit often! :)
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Thank you so much. You gave me a lot of useful information, and knowing we are on the right track has helped set our minds at ease.
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