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OK, just a quick post to say that now that almost a year has passed, and so much has changed...

I'm starting to see one change I never thought I would...

I'm 46 ... and for the first time EVER ... I can actually see definition in my abs!

It's not fitness-model definition, and never will be... AND ... I have to hold myself "just so" to see it (I have lots of loose skin in the way)... But, there they are... Abs.

It was funny - I was in front of the mirror after a weigh-in and I had to call my wife in... "Uh.. Honey ... can you look at this a minute? Are these what I think they are???"

Yup, I needed a second opinion, LOL... (Ok, and wanted the wife to see them, lol) ... And she validated it... Abs. As a 46 year old former-fat-guy. :)

And no, I'm not posting a picture... honestly too embarrassed about the stretch marks from when I gained the weight... I'm sure any woman who's had kids can understand that... I'll post something with clothes on once I hit my goal size though. (I don't have a goal weight ... I don't believe in target weights...)

Now if only the grey hair would go away, I'd not only feel, but LOOK younger, roflmao.

... time to go for a run...

OH... and even MORE exciting, my wife has lost 15 pounds since starting to adopt a healthier diet!!! Yay, go Beefy's wife! :cheer2:
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