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I’ve gotten much help here, so much more than I’ve given. I landed here, stunned, with crazy bg numbers, and your postings guided me through some pretty rough waters.

The friend who took me to ER the night of my dx got stuck back there for 8 hours as they worked to bring my glucose down. That’s when he revealed he also has diabetes. I knew nothing, asked a zillion questions, thinking he must be an expert.

Once landing at DF, I realized how far off the mark his counsel had been. I later brought up what I had learned. He was disinterested. I let go. Then a mutual friend commented he had seen me and was glad I was doing so well. Another seed planted. I told him I was concerned – then backed off.

Well, yesterday he stopped by unannounced (Southerners do that =all= the time) to casually mention he had gotten blood work back. His fasting was 280, A1C 10.5. He said his doc wanted him back in two weeks with a journal of everything he had eaten. Pro-active doc =now=, but what was she doing while his numbers kept climbing the last two years? Upping his meds, then insulin, then upping that. He was shaken.

I offered to help if he was open to listening. He was ready. He was astonished by what he couldn’t eat – no grits either?? – but after each revelation said, ‘alright … alright.’ I gave him a jar of coconut oil and a package of GG crackers, and at the health food store we got some almonds, Ezekiel bread, 85% cocoa – and at the grocery all sorts of veggies, meats, cheeses, fish, heavy cream, etc.

A few hours later he called to say (his idea!) that he had called his kids and told them to come by =now= to pick up bags of food. Said he was clearing out his cabinets, pantry, and frig. He was going through them with me on the phone – “can I eat this? what about this?” – as he filled the bags. Then he said, “Oh no… my baked beans. Bet I can’t have these either. Am not giving these up! I’ll eat ‘em tonight, then no more.” He cleaned =everything= out.

It feels good to be able to help someone who wouldn’t search online or join forums and so not get adequate information otherwise. He was a sponge, but also a little pissed, “We trust our doctors – why don’t they tell us this stuff?”

Why don’t they indeed.

I'm glad to hear you had this experience and at least you know you've shared your knowledge with him. It's a helping hand and it's up to him to figure stuff out too. Everything about diabetes comes with trial and error. We just don't all fit in a box. I'm sure you will be there for him to let him vent, etc. I don't reckon it will be easy for him right now. If he suddenly gets emotional... it would just be the denial stage he's going through.
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