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I have a number of auto-immune diseases and as a result of the potentially lethal side effects of the medicines to control them I have regular blood tests. From time to time my doctor tests my glucose levels while drawing blood for the other tests (liver function etc). Twice now he has asked me to come back for a second set of tests when the results for the glucose test came back outside the reference range. He would then do two tests one while fasting and another two hours later after eating. The first time this happened was in January and he said everything was fine after the followup tests but now it has happened again and I am wondering if I should be concerned. The picture below shows the results I have over the full year 2008-2009 and my most recent test a couple of months ago was higher again at 6.7mmol/L.
My problem is that from what I have read I'm wondering if any of these readings are meaningful at all. From the info I can find on the web there is a reference range for fasting glucose and for 2hours after glucose challenge, but all the data below were taken after anywhere between 15mins and 40mins after eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast. So its not clear that either of the range are in fact applicable to these readings, or that there is any value in testing my glucose level under these haphazard conditions.
On the other hand there does seem to be a general upward trend over time in my glucose levels particularly if the most recent 6.7mmol/L is included, albeit over this very limited set of data. So, does anyone have any insights into this? Are these tests meaningful ? Do glucose levels in someone developing auto-immune diabetes (like LADA) change as gradually as the data below shows?

Anyone interested in seeing the data my post refers to, please 'fill in the blanks' in the link below:

doubleUdoubleUdoublU .glowfoto dotcom/static_image/05-142619L/5740/jpg/09/2010/img6/glowfoto
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