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Goal Setting

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I'm going through a book called Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy. It's a goal setting book. I bought the workbook too.

I have a goal to lose weight by eating better (and ultimately get out of the diabetes category) but I can't think of anything fun to set as a goal. I have physical health issues and can only do mild yoga as exercise (or ride a stationary bike)...and it's boring with a capital B. I don't mind some of my goals taking "work" but not all of them. Drudgery is just drudgery. I also wrote down art and writing. I'm good at these things but they're not very fun. They're challenging and good creative expression but that's it.

What kind of goals to other people have?
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Goals that require depriving myself of something don't ever get met. Well intentioned, but not very realistic. I'm usually more successful with dietary goals if I get away from the house or get involved with a project that takes my mind off food and my body out of the kitchen!

Goals that require action are easier to strive for and reach. I need to make my goals more of this variety. It's also good to have several short-term goals that when met give one confidence and satisfaction.

I am currently in the midst of a short-term goal of rearranging my craft room and going through all the stuff. It's taking several days and I'm not finished yet, but I work on it off and on every day. When it's done it'll feel real good. (Then I'll start an art project and everything will be scattered around the surfaces again! This goal can be reused and recycled.)
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