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Good a1c bad numbers?

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I really just don’t understand this. How can my HB A1c be usually 5.3 and I eat bad a lot of the times not all of the time and my numbers can go as high as 189 and my A-1 C still stay in normal range? Because of this I am not labeled prediabetic anymore as I was when my A-1 C was 6.1. I don’t take any medication for diabetes. I eat junk food but I drink diet pop very little water some candy some chips pizza now and then cake at birthday parties ice cream and birthday parties candy when I see it laying around like in Halloween and my numbers go fairly high but never over 189 yet my A1c remains at 5.3? I know that any numbers over 140 can create damage but how long does it have to stay there? My numbers seem to come down fairly quickly so that is good I guess but I know that I should not allow her to go that high and I try not to but I’m a junkie carbs junk sugar . I try my best to control my urges there are times when mashed potatoes get the best of me sandwiches get the best of me even though I eat low-carb bread with 23 carbs for two slices that doesn’t do too much damage. Small bowls of cereal, Wendy’s etc Any thoughts on this?
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Hello again, alfmaxmollyjack!

It helps to know that the A1c is an average over a three-month period. Think of it like summer weather: if where you live it's usually in the 80s most days but you get a week or so of 100 degree temperatures, that week among the three months of summer isn't going to affect the average much. Similarly, if it gets really cool at night where you live, say, 50 degrees for the low, and the high for the day is 90, then the average temp for the day is 70 but it probably was exactly 70 degrees for only a short part of the day (going up and coming down). So averages help confirm we're on the right track but they're not precise enough to tell us just where to turn left or right to get where we want to go.

If you've been watching what you eat most of the time (it sounds like you have; good job!), occasional encounters with mashed potatoes and Halloween candy aren't going to wreck what was already a fairly good A1c. It sounds like your insulin production and management still is good enough to manage the occasional junk food encounter. Your blood glucose may go higher than 140 at times, but if we're talking not too many hours out of each month, you're doing some damage, but not that much. And, heck, we damage our bodies just by living and being exposed to age, sunlight, germs, chemicals, etc. Not saying no one should care about their blood glucose levels, but we face an impact just by getting up each morning.

It sounds like you've got a decent perspective on managing your blood glucose. Maybe someday that will have to change for some reason. But right now it sounds like you've got this.
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My BH is the same way, her A1c is low, but spot checking BG is sometimes high after eating certain things. She had a bout or two of reactive hypoglycemia after we were married but has not seemed to suffer any in quite a long time. Maybe she has lost sensitivity to the hypo's. Or maybe when she does eat eggo's or pop tarts for breakfast, having diet dr p instead of regular dr p has made the difference.
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