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Good news!

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It's always nice to get some good news. I was diagnosed exactly 1 month ago today as pre-diabetic. Since then, I have drastically changed my diet and begun exercising 30min-1hr per day and haven't missed a day.

When I was diagnosed, I mentioned to my Dr. about the blurriness that has been plagueing me for a few years and she was concerned it may be because of my pre-diabetes. Well, I saw an opthamologist the other day and was ecstatic when he told me that my eyes were extremely healthy and the blurriness was due to ophtalmic migraines which I've had off and on for years. The blurriness he said is just another variant of OM, since it happens infrequently and for different lenghts of time. He said we can have OM's without the actual headache following it, which I totally didn't have a clue about!

So, I know that my eyes are still in good shape (except as I'm getting older, the presbyopia has hit like everyone else!) and I was very worried because my mother developed glaucoma about 20 years ago. Personally, I think she may have been diabetic but undiagnosed.

Anyway, just wanted to share the good news with everyone. I'm still keeping my numbers low and can't wait for my next A1C to see if I've come down!
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Congrats on the good news! Opthalmic migraines come in several forms... mine are lines of twinkly lights that drift across my field of vision over about 30 minutes. That's it.. no headache or pain of any kind - just unable to focus on anything because of the lights.
Even if the blur persists, it's great to know it's a "benign" blur, eh?! :cool: Thanks for the update, Wendy . . . good news is always even better when it's shared!
Thanks for posting......... good news encourages us all.

I've had "classic" migraine for decades. I often get the aura of zigzag lines, but I also sometimes lose the left part of the visual field for both eyes. That was scary at first, until I realized what it was.
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