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Goofy little quirks

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I know you all have them. You know little things you do to keep you on your goals or to assist in eating and exercising right.

I have one that pretty much all can't use. Even me anymore but I sure wish it was.

After I was diagnosed with Type II I had a hard time controlling my eating habits. Every time I would walk by the refrigerator I had this urge to open the door and get at least something out. The best thing that happened was our refrigerator compressor went out and it was about as expensive to repair as a new one was. My wife and I moved everything out to the garage as it was cold enough to store stuff out there yet. Started looking for a new one but didn't find anything we liked that was in stock. Spring started coming around and our neighbor allowed us to use one they were not using and we kept it in the garage instead of pulling our broken one out and putting the temp on in. But you know the best thing for me was having that Mind Controlling Refrigerator in the garage. Anytime you wanted something you had to walk out to the garage. Meals meant 5 trips out to the garage. But it worked. Now you understand why I said no one can use it but hey, I wouldn't mind it if it was still out there. We did that for about 6 months.
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I keep my free weights in front of the TV along with an exercise ball and some bars. On commercials I get off the couch and do 3-5 minutes of mini exercise. Never get bored that way.
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