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Greetings from sunny (most of the time!) Australia

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Hi from Downunder, arrived here by chance after obtaining a copy of Richards helpful book, thank you Richard, very inspiring and one of the messages that you get across is always think positive and continually study diabetes research and information available.
Looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge obtained in my short three year apprenticeship as a T1, diagnosed at 59 years young.
Through the powers of positive thinking, constant research, taking no drugs whatsoever and clearing out as much processed food, artificial sweetners and food additives out of my eating regime as possible has seen a 70% reduction in my insulin usage. Original advice from traditional medical sources said that I would have a honeymoon period of 6 - 12 months and then increasing needs for insulin.
What these folks did not allow for was a special forces veteran with different ways of facing problems, with an iron will and a strong determination to do what nature always wants to do in health matters, rebalance your body and mind to a health state.
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That is a wonderful attitude, Robert! Keep up that way of thinking and you will be in good shape. You are relatively new at this, so ask all the questions you want. We are here to help.

P.S. Thanks for the plug on my book. Lol!

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