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Greetings from Virginia Beach

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Hello everyone,

My name is Matt and I'm probably one of the few members that has not been diagnosed with diabetes, though I have a great interest in raising awareness. My grandmother has had type 2 for a long time and about 3 years ago, Ely (my girlfriend) was diagnosed with type 1. There have been some major adjustments we've (mostly her, of course) had to make. I've witnessed many of the frustrations diabetics tend to go through. I hope to learn more about diabetes as well as help others cope with the every day life of diabetes. Both Ely and I have learned that there is a lot of support an online community can offer. She has been keeping a blog going for a little while now - The Everyday Life of Type 1 Ely. I look forward to meeting you all.

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Welcome Matt..

That is wonderful that you are here and supportive of your GF! I think that is a HUGE step. I recently became single after 15 years of marriage and the guy I am seeing now is VERY supportive of me and my diabetes. There are many people here that are very helpful and have alot of knowledge.. so just ask whatever it is you want to ask... Once again Welcome!
Hello & Welcome to this very helpful site and I can only ehco Megs greetings there Matt. :D Unfortunately diabetes do run in familyies sadly.
My father just had a diagnosis of type 2 and now fear for my sister. :confused:

Welcome Matt. :cool:
Hi Matt: :)

Welcome to our Community. I do hope that Ely is feeling Well.
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