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Dear Sir/Ma'm,

Hello Sir. My name is Yogini Solanki. My dad Bhupendrasinh Solanki is 51 years old. He is having diabetes since around 10 years from now. Before 2 years doctors told that he will have to perform dialysis as only 25% of his kidneys were working. They said his kidneys were damaged due to side effects of the medicines he was taking for diabetes. But that time he didnt took his diabetes seriously. Just day before yesterday that is 25th May 2010 he performed his 1st dialysis process through neck and hand. As doctors told that he had to perform it in emmergency as he was having problems like Sleeping all the time,his body was all swolen,he had become very lazy and sleeping all the time. Before performing dialysis his weight was 74 kgs and after performing his weight became 67 kgs and he is feeling better and now he is not sleeping all the time. But my question is that we all are new to this and I really want a permanent treatment for this or atleast the best we can do so that he can live long and fit. I am searching everywhere on the internet about whatever information i can get about this and also trying to meet doctors but can u please help for what should i do? and can u please guide me for what we can do? I would really appreciate if u can guide me for what exactlly we should do.

Thanking you.

Yogini Solanki.
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