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Had a friend tell me today that i look anorexic :/

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And they weren't kidding around. They also said that i shouldnt lose any more weight. i didnt know what to say other than "yea, right"

Heres the so locked in on exercising and not so interested in eating. add in my diabetes, and it all adds up to weight loss.
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Hello ThoseBackPages, What is your average Blood Glucose? If it's high then you are burning up fat and mussel tissue. I bet you don't have a low.
My average BG reading is 74.5
WOW Well there's your problem. Are you a type 1? If so then I would bring up the Basel and bolus to each meal. Keep exercising. ;)
No, im type 2
So are you taking Metaformin or other BG lowering drugs??
Yes i take 500mg of Metformin twice a day with food
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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