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Even your 68 wasn't extremely low... it was, in fact, normal for some people.

I can't remember when you were diagnosed, but IIRC it was recently ... it's most-likely the symptoms you experienced were your body's way of responding to lower than IT's normal blood sugar.

If you were 68 at 10pm, 78 at 2am and 74 at 4am, those are perfectly healthy numbers AND indicative of NOT being in medical hypoglycemia, as they were not going down... Considering you only ate Chunky Peanut Butter, they show your liver was, in fact, working pretty healthily!

You'll get used the the feelings in a few more weeks.

DO watch for the lows to DROP though. If you stay in the high 60's, low 70's that's no problem. If it turns into a 50-something, TEST AGAIN to ensure it's not a one-off error, and if it's really hypo, eat some sugar.
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