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:confused:I was just diagnosed in May 2011. My most recent A1c in July was 7.3. I am beginning to notice hair loss. Every time I take a shower, I see all these hair in the tub and they're all mine. I am getting so scared. I don't want to go bald. How do I prevent this from happening? Am I going bald?????? Please advise.

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I've gone through a dramatic hair loss and you have my sympathy.

My endo told me the hair would come back, don't worry. My hairdresser said she saw some sprigs, don't worry. My GP said maybe it will come back, maybe not.

In desperation I went to a dermatologist and she ran more blood tests, all came back normal for hormones, etc. The bad news for me (but I'm closing in on 61) is that the loss is all around the top and crown with little loss at the lower back of my head.

So ... she said the stress on my body had accelerated ... ack ... male pattern baldness and told me to use Rogaine for women. How much will come back she can't say, but although I bought the Rogaine, not sure I'll use it. It looks like an awful lot of work and trouble, and I just need to get over it.

In your case, if you're much younger, it is most likely a temporary loss and your hair will come back. My endo thought mine would after all. Have you had your hormones checked? Is your hair coming off in splotches or equal-opportunity shedding? Is it heavier on top than on the sides or in the back?

My best suggestion would be to go to a good dermatologist. I found she was a lot more knowledgeable and engaged than anyone else.

Good luck!

Addendum: my dermatologist said in high stress the body uses resources for other things than growing hair, which it views as a luxury. Luxury my blankety-blank!
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