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Dreamfields pasta is my miracle food! I can eat it without budging my BG . . . as long as I undercook it. I always deduct two full minutes from the designated cooking time, because I usually use it in casserole-type dishes. It is just wonderful stuff and I can't tell any difference in taste from plain old pasta. I've used their spaghetti, linguini, macaroni & penne regate. They are all just terrific for me.

Be sure to check the package directions, because different shapes of Dreamfields will need difference cooking times, and that timing is absolutely of the essence. If allowed to overcook, this product will spike just like regular pasta - the secret is in the cooking time.

I'm not familiar with the Lifestyle bread, but I looked it up online and found these nutritional values. <click link <

The ingredients seem pretty BG friendly except for the dates & raisins, which would have a high sugar content. Whether there's enough of those to spike BG - hard to tell without trying it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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