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hi, i currently use a pump and i ride horses. i don't have a problem with mine when i'm riding and especially if i am a long trail ride or show it's a lot easier to just to be able push a button than having to get off and take a shot. i just make sure it's secure and go a/b my riding. i have jumped horses, ran barrels, worked cattle, pretty much done every discipline at one time or another with my pump. it's great and i wouldn't give it up for anything. if u know you are going to be out and for an extended period of time and your sugar is a little lower than u like when u are getting ready to ride u can decrese your basal by ever how much u like for any period of time u want and u can always change it back to normal if you need to. u wouldn't even have to get off ur horse. i am a lot more confident riding horses with my pump than i was taking injections. hope this helps :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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