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Here are the requirements my nutritionist placed on me based on . . . whatever they base it on. Firstly I am a newly diagnosed type 2 40-ish (HA!) male with family history of heart disease and diabetes.

Daily Caloric Intake: 1400-1600
Daily Carb Intake: 165 g
Daily Protein Intake: 70g
Daily Fat Intake: 48g

I have lost weight from my attempt to follow this, as well as the diabetes results and med's taking for diabetes, but . . . I am having a problem "balancing". I currently am intaking (consistently) the following:

Daily Avg Caloric Intake: 1300
Daily Avg Carb Intake: 180g
Daily Avg Protein Intake: 60g
Daily Avg Fat Intake: 50g

I am trying to understand how to increase the caloric intake, while reducing carb, prot and fat intake.

Any ideas?! LOL!

Jason, I feel your pain!

Unfortunately, there is no real way to do what you are looking to do. The facts are this - when you reduce one macro nutrient, you MUST increase another. If you want to take carbs away from the picture, then you must either increase protein or fats. By doing so, you are looking at increasing caloric density, so you are blowing away your caloric restriction.

That was a mouthful, wasn't it? The long and short? Decide which direction you are going to take. Do you want to restrict your carbs, or your calories?

If it is the calories, then the dietitian's route is the way to go. Simply follow what they are saying, and you will be good to go.

If you are looking to cut the carbs, then forget about calories. They don't matter. A really good resource I can point you to is Mark's Daily Apple. They have a primal challenge starting tomorrow.

I am planning on embarking on that challenge, so you can check my site for recipes/etc.

Either way, I am available for questions if you like, just hit me up!
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