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Here are the requirements my nutritionist placed on me based on . . . whatever they base it on. Firstly I am a newly diagnosed type 2 40-ish (HA!) male with family history of heart disease and diabetes.

Daily Caloric Intake: 1400-1600
Daily Carb Intake: 165 g
Daily Protein Intake: 70g
Daily Fat Intake: 48g

I have lost weight from my attempt to follow this, as well as the diabetes results and med's taking for diabetes, but . . . I am having a problem "balancing". I currently am intaking (consistently) the following:

Daily Avg Caloric Intake: 1300
Daily Avg Carb Intake: 180g
Daily Avg Protein Intake: 60g
Daily Avg Fat Intake: 50g

I am trying to understand how to increase the caloric intake, while reducing carb, prot and fat intake.

Any ideas?! LOL!

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