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Easiest way to increase your calories is to favour real whole foods (rather than focus on "nutrition") that come already balanced from nature... chicken with the skin on, full-fat cheese, regular ground beef, cold-water fish, raw nuts, avocados, butter, cream, green leafy vegetables etc...

Ideally use the best sources for real whole food food that you can: farmer's markets for fresh green produce, grass-fed beef etc... avoiding processed and packaged "foods" which tend to come with too many refined/concentrated sugars and starches.

Prepare meals at home more often than not.

As above there is no need to avoid natural fats (even saturated -- which is the way we store fat on our own bodies) but I personally skip the man-made vegetable oils as these tend to be industrially processed and unbalanced with too many omega 6s... these are pro-inflammatory.

I (like every other animal on the planet) do not count calories, nor do I count carbs, fat or protein these days; as I have established through BG testing which foods are best to help me manage my BG levels.
Hi Frank, quick question.

I can see your reasoning for avoiding man-made vegetable oils, but does this include extra virgin olive oil? I know even though EVOO has many reported benefits (among them anti-inflammatory), but the omega 6 to omega 3 ration is very high at about 16:1.

I'm adapting to the LCHF diet with great results, but still have a few kinks to work out. Thanks!
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