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Welcome Gary!! :)

Diabetes--High maintainance?? Where did you ever get that idea?? :D I'm Happy to hear that you partake in the gym activities. Good Show! Sure, we'd be Happy to hear some of your ideas from your experiences or items that you have observed from reputable sources.

I lost some flexibility at about age 25 but that was because I was dxd. with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis RA). It is an autoimmune disease. The moderate to severe type is Very painful and includes the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. I actually had it a year before I was dxd. but I had no idea what it was plus it was intermittent at that time.

One symptom many Diabetics complain of is cramping in their thighs or calves. Usually these are caused by statin medications or low Potasium.

I'm posting a write-up in the Complications forum that gives reasons for pains, swelling, etc., in case any other than Diabetes, apply to you.
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